Adagedata is an IT staffing and software solutions company located in  Dallas, TX. We work with clients all over the country to match them up with the best IT staffing talent available. We are a specialized staffing firm, concentrating only on IT services, in order to provide the most highly skilled workers. The technology industry is an industry that is constantly changing, which is why Adagedata is determined to adapt with it.

An Environment of Change

Information technology jobs are expected to grow by as much at 22%. This unprecedented growth has created an environment where the demand for IT professionals has exceeded supply. Adagedata remains proactive in this fast-paced environment by consistently updating our talent pool with the best candidates available.

We consistently recruit and vet candidates, from various industries and technical aptitudes, in order to best match our clients’ needs quickly and precisely. We complete both technical screenings and soft skill screenings, to find the total package employee that will best adapt to your company.

A Personalized Approach

No two companies are the same, just as no two applicants are suited to the same environment. That’s why we focus on matching up applicants on an individual level. We don’t just look at skills, but also whether a person will match with a specific corporate culture. We’re not just matching applicants with jobs. We’re matching people with their career paths. That’s why at Adagedata, we’re focused on three key principles that ensure we match our applicants with the best possible opportunities.

What Adagedata Can Do For You

Adagedata is a company that offers the resources of a large corporation with the personalized service of a small business. Every client we get is treated like they are the only client we have. We make sure to get a detailed, thorough look at what your company’s needs are to find the perfect fit, whether you’re looking for direct hire, contract to hire or contract placement services. Contact us to see what we can do to streamline your staffing needs